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    Luxurious yet inexpensive, these deluxe envelopes are printed with a sumptuously ornate pattern on the inside and outside, with a beautiful border on the front that’s perfect for framing address labels. You can also pre-address these envelopes for free by clicking the “Customize It” button on the product page.

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At Blank Custom Envelopes you can order blank and personalized printed envelopes in sizes #10, #9, A7, A6, A2 and 5.5x5.5 square. We sell commercial window envelopes, standard business envelopes and card envelopes in several popular sizes. Find plain and colored envelopes for the home, the office, weddings, holidays, birthdays, graduations, mail campaigns and other events. We also sell a unique selection of printed, decorative and pre-addressed envelopes. Blank Custom Envelopes is powered by Zazzle.com.